What is the AutoDNA Vehicle History Report


What is AutoDNA Report

In the age of information technology, fast, useful and reliable, information has become the most valuable and coveted thing in the world. AutoDNA history reports have allowed many car buyers to avoid various scams. The VIN decoding report provides information on all the most important features of the car and an in-depth insight into the car's operating history.

Provided Information

When buying a used car, often the amount of information available is insufficient to be able to objectively assess the technical condition of the vehicle. As a result, unsuccessful purchases are made, often overpaying for the value of the car. With the help of a VIN decoder, it is possible to obtain a detailed history of a particular car. Decoders obtain information from a number of sources that are not available to individuals at all.

The AutoDNA report includes the following information:

  • Theft register; 
  • Average car mileage;  
  • Car technical parameters;  
  • Damage history;  
  • Manufacturing defects and / or manufacturer's recommendations;  
  • Equipment;  
  • Image archive;  
  • Car history (owners, application);  

Imported Cars

Assessing the situation of the Estonian car market, we often encounter vehicles imported from abroad. To make sure of their technical order, autoDNA provides an opportunity to completely reconstruct the history of the car of interest.

Cooperation countries: Scandinavia, Europe, USA, Canada

When purchasing a car from the above-mentioned countries, autoDNA offers to prepare a technical condition report based on the data obtained from the central vehicle registers of the above-mentioned countries.  

Try it for free! Check VIN number 

If you want to receive a detailed autoDNA vehicle history report, visit autoDNA.lv and enter the 17-character VIN number. Basic vehicle information is free. Before purchasing access, you'll see a table showing how much information is available for a particular car in each section. Where, you will be able to make your choice about the amount of information.