How to check vehicle with autoDNA?


How to check vehicle with autoDNA?    

In now days this is one of the fastest ways to find out, does car information in the classifieds matches with reality without leaving your home. You just need to find out vehicle VIN number, this is all what You need. And you will get access to vehicle history information, technical parameters and plenty other features.    

How to check vehicle with autoDNA vehicle history report database by VIN number. First You need to enter this vehicle identification number into the VIN code search field, then database will start searching information about particular vehicle. You will find following information:     

  • Short technical information about vehicle to compare does everything match with the ad  
  • There will be such information like engine type, body color, engine capacity and few other things.    

After that you will see main information what is available for current VIN number:  

  • Stolen vehicle database, can verify does particular vehicle is in police records  
  • Availability of vehicle history records such as mileage, registrations, claims etc.  
  • Does vehicle have any defects or manufacturer recalls?  
  • Who was searching for this vehicle before?  
  • Does this vehicle has archived documents or photos available?   
  • List of vehicle equipment available for this VIN code  
  • And additional reports show in what country vehicle was registered before    

Analysing free information about vehicle   

After analyzing available information for particular VIN number for free we can see that that this VIN number is correct and belongs to the vehicle in the classified. There are available plenty records of equipment for such a small vehicle. Also amount of history records, someone was searching this vehicle before us one time in this database. Vehicle has also 15 archived documents including history photos. Vehicle was not registered in western countries like Belgium, Netherlands, France and United States of America.    

After vehicle history report purchase  

Once we checked all available information about vehicle for free, we are ready to buy full history report.   

We just got autoDNA PDF report after purchase and start analysing all information in vehicle history report PDF. In first section we see that this car is Peugeot 108, there is 7 mileage records, one price history, use history of the vehicle and there are no accidents for this vehicle. What is important in our case.  

Next we are checking second section of the report and see that car seller do not lying about vehicle model year and it is 2015. (in many cases they are showing newer year then actually it is). Chassis color match, vehicle was not repainted, and all other data also matches.   

After that we are checking vehicle history section and we know that this car in the classified has mileage 68 000 kilometers, this seam OK for 1.0-liter petrol engine of the car 2015. Vehicle history says different story - car mileage was 128 000 kilometers before exporting vehicle from Sweden. So, there was mileage rollback before exporting and importing to another country.  Car mileage was decreased from 128 000 kilometers to the only 20 000 kilometers in 2018. This is more then 100 000-kilometer rollback for 1.0-liter petrol engine car.     

Now there is a time to check out vehicle archived document and photo section. We see there is available 15 archived photos and documents. Checking out those photos we can see that this car was in bad condition. Seams used as rental car. Seat covers was damaged, rear bumper damaged. Something was done with the rooftop. Vehicle condition looked like 200k kilometer no just 100 thousand. Check out this vehicle history report from autoDNA:  Peugeot 108 vehicle history report


After seeing this information, we got good experience we could verify and find out that this car was in terrible condition with mileage almost 2 times exceed showed in the classified. So, car seller was trying to lie to us about vehicle usage and condition. Trying to hide all defects…     

We spend on this vehicle research just around 13 Euros (or just 0,002% from vehicle value) and this was worth that.  We didn’t spend more than 6000 euro for “stylish Peugeot in perfect condition” how this was said in the vehicle ad.     

Please check vehicles before making a purchase. Because You never know what car trader is trying to hide from You. They just want Your money as fast as possible. They don’t care You.